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The power of green hydrogen

Hydrogen is a key element in the energy transition. It has the potential to decarbonize a vast variety of sectors, from shipping, heating and cooling to industrial applications. We at MAN Energy Solutions acknowledge the power of H2 and with our solutions and services, we are already covering all parts of the hydrogen economy today.

Prepared for change with the complete value chain of H2 and synthetic fuels

To reach carbon-neutrality in this generation, the world needs quick and efficient solutions. As a solution provider and general advisor on the question of decarbonization, we are ready to support the energy transition with full power. Our portfolio already covers the complete value chain of Hfrom production to utilization – we are prepared for change.

Hydrogen can be produced from renewable energy in a climate-neutral way and forms the basis for the production of a variety of synthetic fuels through Power-to-X processes. We urgently need these  alternative fuels to implement the energy transition, because they make renewable energy usable outside the electricity grids. In this way, CO2 emissions can also be reduced in those areas where direct electrification is not sensible or possible, such as international shipping. Hydrogen and Power-to-X thus form an important link for the sector coupling of power and heat generation, transport and industrial applications.

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metric gigatons of carbon emissions could be reduced annually by using green hydrogen
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projected volume of the hydrogen economy in 2050

Paving the way for a greener future

The production of hydrogen is the crucial first step in the value chain. H-TEC SYSTEMS, a German electrolysis-specialist, has been perfecting its technology for more than 20 years; MAN Energy Solutions recently acquired 99% of the company’s shares. H-TEC SYSTEMS offers PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolysers in the 225 kW to 1 MW range.

Together with MAN Energy Solutions, the company is now promoting the development of PEM electrolysers in the multi-megawatt range, which will also enable the use of the most pioneering electrolysers on an industrial scale.

Learn more about our cooperation with H-TEC SYSTEMS

Delivering a green future

To make CO2-neutral energy useful across all sectors, converting renewable electricity into storable and easy-to-handle fuels is crucial; the power-to-X process allows for just that. It is a transformation technology that converts renewable electricity into carbon-neutral, synthetic fuels, which can then be used in other sectors or be stored until needed. Among others, these fuels include synthetic natural gas (SNG), green ammonia and methanol. 

MAN Energy Solutions is already a pioneer of power-to-X technology: in 2013, we commissioned the methanation reactor for Europe's first – and, at 6 MW, largest – power-to-gas plant. Currently, the e-gas plant in Werlte, Lower Saxony, supplies 1,500 gas-powered vehicles with climate-neutral fuel every year.

We have since consistently developed power-to-X technology and offer turnkey plants with a capacity of 50 MW and more. Such a plant can produce 14,500 tons of synthetic natural gas (SNG) per year, enough fuel for 470 natural-gas-powered, local-transport buses to each cover 60,000 kilometres CO2-neutrally.

As a leading provider of reactor technology, we furthermore offer sophisticated chemical-reactor systems to convert hydrogen into a broad variety of synthetic fuels, including synthetic methane, methanol and ammonia.

Learn more about our Power-to-X solutions

Solutions for hydrogen infrastructure

A viable hydrogen infrastructure requires that hydrogen is transportable from source to point of use. This can happen via pipeline, by road in gaseous tube trailers, as well as by rail or ship. In order to transport large volumes of hydrogen, it must be pressurized and delivered as a compressed gas. This is where our turbomachinery technology comes into play with MAN’s high-tech compressor solutions being capable of installation, for instance, in future H2 pipeline compressor-stations. Additionally, MAN Energy Solutions already has expertise in building turnkey, turbomachinery systems for large industrial plants that produce ammonia and methanol, both of which viable carriers for hydrogen.

Learn more about our compressor technologies

The future is here

At MAN Energy Solutions, we are helping to shape the sustainability agenda and provide a clear path for you to achieve your goals. That’s why we believe in a broad field of application for H2 and synthetic fuels – whether applied to power-and-heat generation, shipping, steel or cement production, or other industries. No matter what vessel or plant you operate, our proven, fuel-flexible engines and solutions are future-proof and ready for the climate-neutral fuels of the future.

We cover all processing steps of the hydrogen economy under the umbrella of MAN Energy Solutions.

Uwe Lauber, CEO MAN Energy Solutions

Latest news on hydrogen topics


Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Storengy Chooses MAN Energy Solutions for Methanation Reactor to Produce Syngas at a French Wastewater Treatment Plant

Conversion of hydrogen and carbon-dioxide into synthetic methane

MAN Energy Solutions is to provide at methanation unit for a wastewater treatment plant in Pau, France. A public call for tenders by the urban community of Pau Bearn, Pyrénées – related to the construction of a new sludge-treatment unit for a wastewater treatment plant – has been won by a temporary consortium of companies led by Suez Eau, France and including Storengy, Camborde Architectes, SOGEA/Vinci and EGIS Eau. The new unit will have two main functions: 

• the treatment of sludge by anaerobic digestion, which produces a mixture of bio-methane and biogenic CO2

• the conversion of biogenic CO2, a co-product of the anaerobic digestion, along with renewable hydrogen into synthetic methane via power-to-methane.

Arnauld Filancia, President, MAN Energy Solutions France, said: “For MAN Energy Solutions, this project involves converting a mixture of biogenic CO2 and green hydrogen into synthetic natural gas by catalytic methanation. The methanation unit makes it possible to increase the production capacity of the biogas plant by more than 50%. All of the bio-and synthetic methane produced will be injected into the gas network.” 

Storengy has entrusted MAN Energy Solutions France with the engineering, supply, transport, installation and on-site commissioning of the methanation unit. The methanation unit will be constructed at MAN Energy Solutions’ site in Deggendorf, Germany, where the company’s competence center for complex reactor systems for synthetic fuel production is situated.

“MAN Energy Solutions offered the best technical solution and serious guarantees to carry out this project, which is why we chose this partner,” said Yan Figarol, Project Manager at Storengy.

Arnauld Filancia concluded: “Everyone agrees that green hydrogen and power-to-X are effective solutions towards reducing our environmental footprint. We are delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate that power-to-X is technically feasible and economically viable. This installation will perfectly meet major current and future climate challenges.” 

How the methanation works


The site’s performance is increased by producing synthetic methane from the methanation of green hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The latter, a product of anaerobic digestion (methanisation), is usually released into the atmosphere. The innovative catalytic methanation technology – introduced by Storengy for a world-first on the industrial stage for such an installation – allows the transformation of all the CO2 emitted into synthetic methane, a green renewable gas. This major technological breakthrough has a dual advantage: the additional production in the long-term of 4,400 MWh of synthetic methane per year, and an unparalleled carbon-neutral footprint. 

The total bio- and synthetic methane produced by the site will, eventually, be 13,000 MWh per year – the energy equivalent of heating 1,200 homes.


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