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We power decarbonization

With our products and services, we operate right where the major drivers of economic and ecological progress are located. We are aware of this responsibility and are therefore already offering system technologies that help our customers increase the efficiency of their plants and applications, and reduce emissions.

However, we focus on tomorrow by investing in promising technologies like Battery Hybrid, Green Hydrogen, Power-to-X or Energy Storage.

possible decrease in CO2 emissions thanks to hybrid engine power plants
reduction in emissions required in industrialized countries by 2050 relative to 1990 levels
target year for World Bank's Zero Routine Flaring Initiative

Low carbon marine solutions

Half the world´s shipping sails under the power of MAN Energy Solutions and each step we take to make our engines more efficient can have a measurable effect on the environment and our customer’s bottom line.

We believe that the future belongs to synthetic fuels generated from renewable energy sources. On this road, LNG is not the end goal, but an investment in the future as all such engines can run on carbon-free fuels without further technical adaptions.

However, the Maritime Energy Transition requires more than just one solution. To this end, we offer MAN ECO CONTROL, a portfolio of technologies that help our marine customers to optimize a ship’s performance in terms of emissions, energy efficiency, economy and operation and let them benefit from smart processes, efficient operation and predictive maintenance services.

Our solutions help reduce ship's emissions, improve efficiency, utilize cleaner fuels and thus meet all current and future regulations while ensuring a lower impact on the environment.

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Low carbon energy solutions

A carbon-neutral future needs renewable energies. However, the major challenge remains in their integration into existing energy systems.

This is why we at MAN Energy Solutions develop various hybrid and storage technologies for the energy systems of tomorrow.

When it comes to ensuring reliability and securing the energy supply, MAN offers unparalleled expertise and experience in power generation, combined with the right products and solutions to suit diverse energy markets.

Beyond this, novel decarbonization solutions are another part of MAN Energy Solutions’ portfolio. For example, Power-to-X or clean hybrid and ultra-efficient power plants.

Our customers benefit from the latest technologies – including our smart energy management systems, which ensure the most environmentally friendly, economical energy sources for power production.

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Low carbon Oil & Gas solutions

MAN Energy Solutions offers intelligent, sustainable solutions and unique technologies for all sectors of the oil and gas industry. Our solutions are designed to reduce waste and minimize resource consumption along the entire value chain – from refinery to transport, and during the processing of these valuable resources. 

For instance, our groundbreaking MAN Subsea technology is supporting the lifetime extension of Norway´s main gas field, Asagard, by another 15 years. 

Moreover, MAN Energy Solutions is supplying technologies for carbon capture and storage (CSS), which is increasingly taking center stage in the industry and politics alike.

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Low carbon Process Industry solutions

The manufacturing and refining sectors of the global economy are incredibly diverse. However, all industries have one thing in common: the need for sustainable, efficient and cost-effective solutions in order to reduce emissions and industrial waste.

MAN Energy Solutions offers a wide array of specialized products and solutions that cater to the specific needs of diverse industries - from paper to pipeline, from fertilizer to ferrous metals. MAN products are found in both the largest industrial plants in the world and in smaller, single-site operations.

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Low carbon service solutions

As sustainability becomes a focal point for our customers’ business, so it becomes a priority for our services. Limiting waste in materials, work force and energy consumption is not just for new installations and products, it is also crucially important for maintenance, repair and retrofits.

The latest solutions for retrofits and upgrades by MAN PrimeServ ensure energy efficiency, cut greenhouse emissions, and minimize the carbon footprint of any installation. Our solutions not only help tackle efficiency challenges but offer future-proof, cost-aware options to sharpen our customers’ competitive edge.

To help meet the challenges of a transforming energy market and ever-stricter regulations, we monitor global and local market trends and regulatory and legislative requirements. To guarantee state-of-the-art service solutions from a single source, we always keep a 360° perspective on important markets, OEM expertise and third-party competence.

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Latest news on decarbonization

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

MAN Energy Solutions to Provide Climate-Neutral District-Heating to Danish City

First cross-sectoral, heat-pump solution – MAN ETES (Electro-Thermal Energy Storage) – will decarbonise heat supply in Esbjerg using renewable energy

Gunnar Kilian – member of the Board of Volkswagen and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of MAN Energy Solutions – and Dr Uwe Lauber – CEO, MAN Energy Solutions – have visited Esbjerg, Denmark, where the world’s first installation of MAN’s ETES (Electro-Thermal Energy Storage) heat-pump technology is being built for Danish multi-utility company, DIN Forsyning. 
Upon completion, the new plant will provide climate-neutral district-heating to 25,000 households in Esbjerg. DIN Forsyning is owned by the municipality of Esbjerg and Varde and supplies some 1 million MWh of district heating per annum.

The purpose of the visit was to meet project partners and get a concrete idea of the progress on-site. Jesper Frost Rasmussen, Mayor of Esbjerg, and Christian Udby Olesen, CEO DIN Forsyning, hosted Kilian and Lauber.

Kilian said: “Sustainable energy solutions are the future. Innovative technologies like the ETES from MAN Energy Solutions are therefore important elements on our way to zero. I'm particularly pleased that Esbjerg is taking on a pioneering role in decarbonization in the area of heat supply, and hope that other municipalities will follow its example.” 

Lauber said: “Converting energy into concrete economic and social benefits – while helping our customers to reduce emissions – lies at the core of MAN Energy Solutions’ business. This project demonstrates how energy harvested from the increasingly-important renewable sector can be harnessed outside of the power grid, and how essential sector-coupling will be to a decarbonised energy-future. Esbjerg is an important lighthouse project for us that showcases our ability to deliver innovative solutions.” 

About the Esbjerg ETES plant

The project was announced in February 2021 when DIN Forsyning commissioned MAN Energy Solutions to supply a turnkey solution for heat-generation featuring two MAN ETES heat-pump systems. 
With an overall heating capacity of 50 MW, the coming district-heating plant will supply around 100,000 local inhabitants with approximately 235,000 MWh of heat annually. The location at the Port of Esbjerg will enable the use of renewable power from nearby wind farms and seawater as a heat source for the generation of heating energy. The new district-heating plant will thus guarantee an emission-free  alternative to the city’s current, coal-fired power plant, which at present provides  approximately half of Esbjerg’s district heating and is scheduled for closure by April 2023. 

Frost Rasmussen said: “Esbjerg has been viewed as an ‘energymetropolis’ on account of its significant, hydrocarbon sector. However, for the past decade, Esbjerg has become the European market leader within offshore wind, building on over fifty years of experience with offshore oil and gas. Consequently, energy transition has the highest priority, and our stated ambition is to become carbon-neutral by 2030, ultimately making Esbjerg a sustainable energymetropolis in the process. This ETES project will enable us to make the quantum leap from fossil to green energy through exploiting our vast resources of offshore wind renewables. It’s a trailblazing project for how the green transition can be executed and I’m proud that Esbjerg is a global frontrunner in this instance.”

Udby Olesen said: “DIN Forsyning is writing history with this heat-pump solution that facilitates the transition from coal to green energy, not just in Esbjerg and within the district-heating sector but within the green segment in Denmark as a whole. This unique story marks a new chapter in economically- and environmentally-friendly district heating by consigning coal in Esbjerg to the past. It also shows – by thinking innovatively and creatively – that there are multiple paths to a green future.”


The ETES heat pump system is one of the three available configurations of the electrothermal energy-storage system, called MAN ETES, which was developed by MAN Energy Solutions Switzerland in cooperation with ABB Switzerland. At the highest level, the technology offers heat production, storage, and reconversion into electricity. It is, in effect, a complete energy-management system that also allows the sector integration of energy.

ETES technology enables the exploitation of excess power from renewable energy sources. The operational flexibility of the solution makes it possible to generate electrical balancing-power in the short term for the electrical grid.

The basic principle is the conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy, which is stored in the form of hot water and ice in insulated reservoirs. The electrothermal process not only allows the distribution of the generated heat and cold to users according to demand and margins, but also offers the option of converting it back into electricity as an additional usage variant. 

ETES’ key, innovative feature is the use of toxicologically and environmentally-safe CO2 as a refrigerant for the entire system-cycle. The CO2-based heat-pump plant in Esbjerg will be the largest of its kind ever used in the world. 


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